Twist and turn your links to make colorful matches of three
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Chainz 2.0 Relinked is a game where you mast link chains of the same color.
You must rotate rings in order to form chains of three or more pieces. You can´t rotate black rings, or pieces that are not rings. Some pieces will have a letter on them. Try to link them in a chain to make them disappear, if you form the word "Chainz" you´ll be awarded with a Jackpot, and a lot of points will be added to your score.

When you rotate a ring to link with a square piece, if there´s any other ring at hand it will be linked automatically.

There are multicolor pieces, that can be linked with pieces of any color. When you find no matching rings, you can scramble the board and try again.

The game has four modes (Classic, Arcade, Strategy and Puzzle), and 200 levels, with lots of powerups.

In each stage you´ll have to reach a goal, when done, you will go to the next stage.

In the Arcade mode you have a certain time to reach your goal, if you don´t, you lose.

In the Strategy mode the disappeared pieces are not replaced, so you´ll have to scramble the board to be able to keep on playing.

In the Puzzle mode you will have to link the pieces in a certain way, or they´ll disappear leaving empty spaces, that will prevent you from linking the remaining pieces.

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